Voice commands in the audio-video industry

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3 min readMay 5, 2022


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One of the main thoughts on smart object management is the use of voice commands. Commands such as “Alexa, raise the temperature by 4 ° C in the kitchen” or “Siri, prepare the living room for watching movies” are sure to attract the attention of many. Crestron, as a leader in smart facility management, offers support for all major smart device manufacturers such as Amazon Alexa, Apple Home, Google Assistant, and Josh.ai. Although not all management functions are yet enabled, the near future for sure will push these boundaries.

The main benefits of voice commands

Although it seems that we would be bothered more by using voice commands rather than just by clicking one button on the control panel, there are situations where voice commands have no competition. Voice commands are extremely useful in situations where your hands are busy. It is easier and faster to voice-switch a program on a TV, raise the curtains, set a thermostat, or change music, than having to manually search for a command in the middle of work through a menu on a mobile app or control panel. Thanks to voice control, you could make your home greener by ordering a smart system to turn off all lights and heating in rooms where there are no people.

The main disadvantages of voice control

Many science fiction movies show the use of voice control, and in most, there is a potential consumer problem — the invasion of privacy. Despite the high level of security provided by the devices, the fact that there is a risk of a hacker attack and eavesdropping on personal conversations. This mostly applies to DIY voice assistants who usually do not have robust security features or to non-professional control systems. Therefore, we strongly recommend consulting with home technology experts to ensure safe facility management.

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Voice control as a safe method of virus prevention

Since the world is still in the grip of a pandemic at the time of writing this article, it is important to ensure contactless management, especially on business premises. While it is certain that the pandemic will pass, it will leave a big impression on the understanding of global health and habits that protect us from unnecessary viral infections. According to research, it is believed that voice control will greatly play a level of protection in this regard. From now on, smart meeting rooms will turn on screens, close the curtains, start calls, and open doors in just a few words, and all this, therefore, is contactless.


Voice commands are not only something cool enough that we can brag about to our friends, but they are also a way to continuously save energy and helps us avoid touching surfaces unnecessarily. The mentioned security problem is very easy to solve with the engagement of quality experts and with the use of professional equipment that provides a high level of protection. Although the technology is still not perfect, it is getting better every day, so we can say that at this moment, the technology is growing up. We can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings us!