Unlocking the Power of AV over IP

ONIO Interactive
2 min readJul 6, 2023


The world of audiovisual (AV) technology is undergoing a significant transformation as it breaks free from its proprietary realm and merges with IT on the network. This convergence not only simplifies deployment, usage, and support but also opens up a host of benefits for organizations at scale.

Photo by Marc Schulte on Pexels

AV-over-IP has swiftly emerged as the new industry standard, revolutionizing the AV landscape by delivering substantial cost savings, enhanced flexibility, and future-proofing capabilities.
Users now have the privilege of consuming real-time content on an unparalleled scale. Whether they are at their desk, in a self-service or meeting room, or attending a formal conference, any recording or playback device can seamlessly connect to the network via wired or wireless means. This plug-and-play functionality and ultimate flexibility fulfill users’ longing for simplified access to AV resources.
This groundbreaking technology enables the seamless distribution of audio, video, and control signals over a standard IP network infrastructure, empowering users and technology managers alike with a myriad of advantages.

One of the key benefits of AV-over-IP is the unprecedented level of flexibility it offers. It allows an extraordinary number of devices to be switched and distributed to an equally impressive array of endpoints and displays. Whether it’s distributing camera and microphone feeds across multiple floors of an office space or reconfiguring setups effortlessly with a simple push of a button, the possibilities are endless, making deployment and scalability more affordable and accessible.

With AV-over-IP, deployments can be executed rapidly and efficiently, allowing for effective management and support of users on a large scale, all while ensuring cost-effectiveness.
The convergence of AV and IT through AV-over-IP brings forth a new era of possibilities. By embracing this technology, organizations can break free from the limitations of traditional AV setups, unlock substantial cost savings, enhance flexibility, and harness the full potential of their AV resources.